DV-MEGA Raspberry Pi Radio

Here I show you one of my newer D-Star "toys"... the DV-MEGA Raspberry Pi Radio!

Created by Guus van Dooren PE1PLM it's a small PCB that plugs into the GPIO connector on a Raspberry Pi computer and works with the G4KLX D-Star Repeater software.

The Raspberry Pi Radio uses an Analog Devices AD7021 transceiver. The DVAP Dongle(s) and PapaSys Rasp Pi 7021 project also use this chip.

Mobile using Raspberry Pi and DVMega

D-Star DVmega Raspberry Pi 3 hotspot

This is a video explaining what these new types of devices are in the amateur radio digital world.. New to some, including myself, but not so new to the most experienced. This hotspot is using a Raspberry PI to operate as a full D-star hotspot. I bought this at www.gigaparts.com because it's super easy to get rolling with this, because i wasn't too familiar with a hotspot. Now i have something to grow on.